mardi 28 janvier 2014

Figures from the 42th Sketchcrawl in Clermont-Ferrand (Tronches Clermontoises)

Here are a few ones made with a ballpoint pen on flying sheets of paper  at the end of the sketchcrawl, at the best moment (to my mind): the beer time.

Ricardô is another alcoholic sketcher from Clermont, as you can see on this portrait ( with a lot of mercy, for once), and while I was drawing him, he was telling us a terrific story that happened to his girlfriend under the shower a few days ago.

I didn't write the end of the story ( and wrote the story in French) for more suspense, but feel free to email him to know what happened.

I like to draw people.
I think it's an unique opportunity to share moments of intimacy that belong only protagonists of these secrets times.

Isn't it?

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